About me: My name is Thomas, I’m a young person living in South Africa. I apprentice in a church, graduated with a degree majoring in Psychology, I enjoy playing games, hiding from responsibility and trying my best to follow Jesus. I’m a big Batman fan. I love people, their stories, struggles, triumphs and hearts. I love animals and nature. I feel so connected with God when I’m in nature, when I get to admire His handiwork. I thoroughly enjoy reading anything to do with theology, philosophy or Christian apologetics. I won’t lie, my life hasn’t been easy. I guess it also hasn’t been as hard as some peoples’ but, hey, every person has their own struggles right? Yeah, life hasn’t been easy for me but that’s awesome, as Calvin’s dad says in Calvin & Hobbes: Suffering builds character. I’m really thankful that I’m getting to share my life with you, stranger or friend, and I hope that somewhere, somehow, somewhen you might find some inspiration from this or that you really just enjoy reading what I post. I honestly believe that everyone, absolutely everyone, has some value and inner awesomeness and I’d love to find out what yours is! Thank you for sharing on this journey with me. This is my path, the path of a young disciple, but I’m not on this path alone, I can promise you that. So let’s get this started, shall we?