Thoughts on the Entire LGBTQ+(?) Movement

So, let me start off this piece with a big disclaimer: I do not hate gay people. I do not hate transgender people. I do not hate anyone except for child rapists, I’m sorry, I have a line (although I am working on trying to see the good in them too, it’s a slow process). I don’t have to hate someone to disagree with them. Ask some of my best friends, we disagree on quite a few things but that doesn’t mean I hate them. I guess, my question for you before you start reading is, do you believe that you can love someone and disagree with them? Can you accept my premise that says “I can accept someone for who they are, but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with everything they say, do and believe”? Because, if you can’t accept that, maybe you should go away for a bit and take some time to think. Think about who your family is, who your friends are, your colleagues. Do you all agree on absolutely everything? I mean, let me give you a practical example. My brother is a devout militant atheist which obviously stands in direct opposition to my views as a Bible-believing Christian. Do I love him? Absolutely, I’d lay down my life 1000 times a day for him. Do I agree with him? Like the Pope and Galileo (and if that goes over your head, Google it). So, if you disagree with the idea that you can love someone and disagree with them, I hope that you will reconsider your viewpoint.

Side-note to my regular readers: I’m starting to include more image + gif content in my work as I feel it really adds something the article. This may impact your viewing experience depending on the media device you are using, so if it’s a negative experience, please let me know. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy.

Non-heterosexual Orientation:

Because there are apparently a lot of orientations now and honestly, writing them all down and trying to understand what they all mean would be way too time consuming for a student who’s first draft of a thesis is due in about a week. Anyway. I don’t want to spend too long on this particular piece because, frankly, that’s not the focus. I believe that sex was made for a single man and woman within the beautiful bonds of marriage and I believe that marriage was made for man and woman, not for man and man, or woman and woman. Standard practice, I believe the Bible has clear teaching on this. You can read this for a more complete statement of that and why I believe that. Also, you could read this which I found really fascinating.



So, this is something. Society is now…praising people who become transgender. I mean, look at Bruce Jenner who now has a woman’s figure and adornments. No, he is not a woman. His genetic make-up will always say XY and not XX. You cannot change that. No matter what operations someone goes through, their genetic code will not change their gender. Why else do I disagree with this entire transgenderism movement? Well, there is a mental illness called Gender Dysphoria. If you think that you are a man in a woman’s body or vice versa, please, seek the guidance of a psychologist or counsellor. Because that isn’t right. I also think you might benefit from reading this, it’s one woman’s struggle with the thought of ‘I should have been born a man’. Just give that a read, it might help you to make sense of this all.


Transgender Children:

This is a meme I found earlier this week and hoping it provokes some thought in you.


My thoughts on the whole ‘children can make the choice’ can be summed up in one word:


I rarely accuse anyone of true evil, but the LGBTQ+ movement will stand by the pretty solid position that children can’t have sex nor can they consent to it but then in the same breath say that they are fully capable of making a life-altering decision. This, this is simply another form of child abuse. Not only is the position illogical but it exploits children for the purposes of its agenda. How can you consider that okay?


The Movement:

This is the main thing I wanted to address. The entire movement. See, I’ve noticed something, something that makes me worry. I’d say I’m part of the Conservative Right and I know many of my fellow conservatives are probably not as civil as I am when it comes to these issues. For many, many, many years, it has been the Liberal Left that has always been the ‘tolerant’ side. The side that is far more open-minded and never really rejects anything. Until lately. With the rise of pro-baby-murder and this entire SJW movement, the Left has changed. Tolerance (which means the ability to accept disagreement but still accept a fellow human) has been thrown out the window. The Liberal movement is now becoming just as venomous and virile as the ‘prejudiced bigots’ they have always stood apart from.

See, the LGBTQ+ movement is becoming just as oppressive as the system it was trying to destroy. You cannot speak out against the movement with a wave of insults and abuse being hurled at you. I’ve included a picture of just one of the comments made against me for stating what I believe:


If you can’t see the words, they are “You disagree with equality? That makes you an evil person, way to be proud of that. You pile of garbage.” And that was just one comment on a full stream of them.

See, the thing is, this movement is being run like a totalitarian state: no dissent, no disagreement, no mercy. Plus, they are starting to become hated by other LGBTQ+ members. Because of all the heat and flak the movement is attracting, people are starting to hate those who represent this movement and the people who will stand under that flag. So basically, society is going backwards in time, to an era where everyone hated everyone else for being different.

But the movement won’t just stop at causing more hatred and fracturing society, it will try and drag all sort of moral value and meaning attached to sex down with it. Here’s a link to one article that’s pointing out where this is all going: downhill. Some are clamouring for necrophilia to be made legal. I’m telling you now, it’s not long before these people start saying bestiality should be legal.


Ultimately, there are only two ways this can go: the movement of socialist SJW’s takes power and rules western society like a totalitarian state, which is quite possible, so order your government sponsored safe space today! Or, the movement will come to a head against the Right (and both sides are sharpening their swords, I’m telling you that right now) and see it’s defeat at the hands of it’s own “Anything is absolutely okay”. So, yeah.

My opinion is not one of condemnation of the LGBTQ+ movement but one of fear for them and fear of the coming days. Let me explain:

Fear for them – as long as the Conservative Right has always stood for something, the Left has too. The Left has pretty much always been there as an alternative, something to stand apart from the conservative ideals and methods. The Left has pretty much always done things differently and interacted differently to the Right. But now, they are becoming the Right and it’s deeply worrying. I believe that extremism in any form is bad (unless it’s the claim of For Jesus or Against Him, there’s no real middle ground available in that) and so when I see the LGBTQ+ movement sliding further and further down the Left and becoming more extremist, I worry for them. I do not recognise the Liberal movement today.

Fear for the coming days – read Romans 1:21-32, Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21. Jesus paints a scary picture of humanity tearing itself apart and Paul reminds us of that. While I pray some sense, peace and passivity will return to the Liberal movement, I don’t know if it will and I don’t think it will. And that scares me a bit. Society is starting to tear itself apart and I think the greatest example we have of this is the destructive behaviour advocated by the Liberal movement.

And finally, one last parting thought that I leave you with, is in this picture.


Think about it. You may need some time.

I hope you all have a good day and may God guide you.

Grace and Peace



3 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Entire LGBTQ+(?) Movement

  1. Zane

    Shucks. Looking at that last picture from Royal Dutch Airlines, only one of those three pairs actually click and will actually do their job, the others will flail around with no meaning and be the cause of harm in the event of an accident.
    In all I enjoyed the honesty and emotional openness of this article. It’s key to note the tone was not hostile but I am sure many will respond in a hostile manner to attack a difference of opinion. Talking about a difference of opinion, necrophilia and other such twisted forms of sexual expression are not a difference of opinion, it is malicious, that kind of stuff leads to the total moral corruption of a society. It’s all in history and as cliche as it sounds, when the lessons of history are not learned they then repeat themselves.


  2. Hentie

    I like your simple, yet witty and pragmatic approach in pointing out the (negative) implications of the views you discussed above.


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