Furniture and the Future

Today feels like a good day to share something with everybody. I was out with my friend James (James has his own blog on apologetics and evidence for the Christian worldview which you can find here) and we were discussing college related stuff when I said to him “You know, I’m only there for a couple more months hey?” (I graduate at the end of this year) and his eyes opened wide. Then he said to me “Dude, that’s crazy. You’re like…part of the furniture.”

Part of the furniture.

It’s weird and yet, it feels oddly true. I’ve been at college for 4 years this year. I’ve seen many friends graduate, I’ve been witness to a couple major incidents and changes at our college such as our quite saddening departure from identifying as a Christian Institute, I just hope God has mercy on the college and doesn’t send all it’s people into exile under Babylonian rule. In a way it feels like I’ve become one with the building, the people expected to see me there a lot of the time. I recall a couple of staff members saying it feels like I work there as I am there every day. Students asking me if I live there. It feels like an end to something…long. Like an era, a super important piece of my life is drawing to a close.

Many people as they come close to graduating wonder what they are going to do afterwards, study further, pursue a career, take a break. And this conversation made me think of my future. I can’t be part of the furniture forever. I can’t remain at college because it’s comfortable. And that’s why I feel comfortable announcing this.

Some of you might remember me alluding to potentially doing an internship/apprenticeship at my church (it was in this post). Well it’s basically been confirmed now, just got to iron out a few details with the main pastor man at my church and discuss a few things but, yeah, from next year I’ll be working at a church. Essentially this is a stepping stone before moving into full-time ministry work. We’ll see what happens from there!

I guess if you could all just pray about this, pray that it goes well, that God’s plan is laid out and that I follow Him faithfully throughout all of this. Thank you. God bless 🙂


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