Who Shall We Say You Are?

Context for reading this: I have broken my glasses and staring at a screen too long gives me a headache so bear with me if you find spelling mistakes.

Anyway, so, the last couple weeks I’ve had a particular song lyric stuck in my head. It’s from a song called Holy by Matt Redman. The line goes “Who shall we say you are?”. It’s been stuck in my mind for a while. At the same time, at church we’re going through the “I am” sayings of Jesus. There are no coincidences with the God I serve, #justsayin

Oh, funny thing about that picture. I asked out loud when I was typing “Who shall we say you are?” and that was the first picture that came up. When you ask a question and God responds just like that. Mind blown right now. Anyway!

So I guess I’m wondering, if someone came up to you on the street and asked you “Who is Jesus?” what would you tell them? What would I tell them? Do you say He is the Lord, the creator of all things? What do you say?

Well, Jesus is the Son of God, the Living God. He is I Am. Jesus is the mediator between all mankind and God the Father. This is all true. But do you tell a beggar that? Do you tell the rich that? Do you just leave it there? What do you tell someone if they ask who Jesus is? Or was?

“He is the living God, the Lord your God. He is the Christ, the living Word of God, God-made-flesh.”

Do you tell them about Jesus the miracle worker? The healer? The exorcist? Do you tell them about all the signs and wonders He performed? Do you tell that person standing in front of you about His teachings, His parables?

Do you tell them about His physical death on a cross? Do you say to that person that He died for the sins of man so that we, a fallen and broken people, may be reconciled to Him and be united with Him in eternity?

Jesus, who shall we say you are? 

You are the Almighty God, the Son of God, the Lord of All. You are the light of the world. You are the King of kings, the Messiah, the Prophet, the Christ. You are my redeemer. You are the Holy God. 

Brothers and sisters, who do you say He is? I don’t know what to tell you, but I would like to challenge you to think about this. Who do you say He is and do you live like it?


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