Review: Blue-Collar Believer (Book)

Author: Chaplain William Schnakenberg IV

Published: 2016.

Topic: Christian Lifestyle, Testimonial, Apologetics.

I was exposed to the writing of Chaplain Bill (as he is known) through mutual friend James Bishop as we both did a bit of writing for him. You can read the chaplain’s stuff right here. I’d recommend reading his stuff, it’s quite good and enlightening.

On to the book. Blue-Collar Believer isn’t a long read but it’s certainly engaging. The book follows his story from unbelieving drunkard (sorry Bill) to his current place as a chaplain, a loving father and husband, and most importantly, a born again believer in the Lord.

Blue-Collar Believer reads more like a very engaging conversation, it’s very personal and intimate (in a good way). Bill hides nothing from his readers, he expresses his emotions and thoughts honestly and openly, from frustration to love. You’ll often forget that you’re reading a book and simply be engrossed in the story, the way Bill writes about his experiences as a Blue-Collar Believer. I won’t lie, when I was mere pages away from finishing the book, I was almost in tears (a very rare occurrence for me) as I was reading a very emotional and touching piece but I didn’t even know I was reading, it felt like I was in the room with Bill and his family.

Interspersed among the funny jokes, the solemn moments and the very real and challenging questions and experiences that Bill writes about, you’ll also find some very useful apologetic material that I’d recommend taking note of if you want to follow up for further reading.

I don’t want to spoil too much, so I’ll simply say that this book is definitely really worth reading (available on Amazon now).

One comment

  1. Thank you for the kind words and taking the time to read Blue Collar Believer. May God bless you and your ministry endeavors.
    -Chaplain Bill

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