A Brief Poem


You stand over me

Your arms over my life

Your cross over my sin


At every turn, with every

calamity, every trial

I rely on my own flesh and bones

I turn on my own brokenness


These storming waters, these tense and

trying times, you hold out your hands

to hold me, carry me, love me.

I feel apprehensive, hesitant

Yet my rope frays and comes to the end

I have no lifeline but you

Yet my mind cries against my heart


I know it is good to trust you

to rely on you.

I want to lay down my arms

to surrender to you.


Help these hands to cease their


Help this frail body to cease its



Open my heart to see your

face of love.

To know that my fears are gone

To know that you are my Protector

My Redeemer – My God


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