Thoughts Before April 7

Hello Internet

So, life has been crazy. But it’s about to get CRAZY. Like, anarchy-potential crazy.

Right now my country South Africa is in turmoil. Our president, Jacob Zuma, continues to serve his own interests and the interests of those around him. There was a big scandal to do with him and an Indian family called the Gupta’s. And just short of a week ago, Zuma fired the one Minister of Parliament/Cabinet member that the country actually trusted: Pravin Gordhan. This has put the country into a frenzy and a panic. And so tomorrow, April 7th, the people of this country are going to attempt to shut it down via protests of varying natures. There’s also going to be some human chain going on where people will block the Main Road with their bodies.

This is just a collection of thoughts going on in my head around this:

Our college is still running classes but there’s a whole thing of ‘we don’t want to endanger the students’ so I guess part of me wants to see if bunking is an option. On the other hand, I sort of like tomorrow’s class.

The public transport system won’t be running at all so that means coming back from college could be a challenge. Especially if the main road is blocked off so the only other route will be at a stand-still from all the traffic.

Safety is all a big concern. I worry about my friends that would normally be using the public transport system or will be near problem areas.

I worry about my friends that will be protesting. Will they be safe if the police retaliate? Will they be safe in the crowds?

One of the lecturers at college and a good mentor to me mentioned that she was frustrated at the way that the Christian church has been slow to respond to these things. Also that the church hasn’t protested and been proactive about other protests that have happened (granted, smaller, not-as-widely known protests) about real human rights issues in the country.

I can literally go to a friend’s Facebook page right now and copy-paste a status where she is accusing white people of not protesting or fighting for things unless it affects our wallets. So I guess the continued victimization of white people in the country (and on the global scale) just makes me kind of cold to this protest, like I really don’t feel encouraged to join this protest and fight for my country as with every other protest that happens when that same behaviour and language is displayed against white people.

So I guess I’m just a bit frustrated and tired of all of this, it hurts that people in power would continue to abuse that power, it hurts that mankind is capable of such evil and wickedness. But mostly? Mostly it just feeds my very already dim view of humanity. If you had to ask me, do I feel more inclined to the all men are lost in their evil side(John 3) or more to the image-bearers of God side (Genesis 1), I’d say very much lost in evil. We seem to be trying to erase the image of God.  Idiots.

Lord, have mercy on us.


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