Come Alive

Hellooooooooooo Internet!

First of all, my apologies for the very late post. Life happened in a very hectic way with college work and house work and general life happenings. Seriously, just so crazy. My facial hair has gone even grayer since 3 weeks ago. And seeing gray at the roots of some of my hair.

Anyway, so, we just started a sermon series on the book of Jonah today which is cool. Aside from the Sunday School story we all remember, the preacher highlighted something interesting in his sermon (I’m skipping a few steps here so bare with me): we tend to keep Jesus to ourselves. We don’t seem to like telling people about God, which is absurd right?

What the preacher highlighted reminded me of a song by Lauren Daigle called “Come Alive (Dry Bones). In it, there are the lyrics “We call out to dry bones/dead hearts, come alive, come alive”. See, it’s a throwback to that passage in Ezekiel about the valley of dry bones where God raises up the dead Israelite army.

That’s deeply symbolic of humanity. We’re stuck in this valley of death, destruction and misery. People are dead in their sin. Paul writes about that in Romans. Humanity is DEAD IN ITS SIN. Dead! But we who are alive in Christ are in a very different boat. Like I mentioned earlier, we’ve got eternal life because of His sacrifice. But what does He tell us to do with the life we currently have?

We are called to go out and make disciples. To call out to those dead hearts, tell them of the love and life in Christ. To tell people about our hope. That we won’t forever be dry and dusty bones, rotting away in the ground. That we will be raised from the grave! That we will be with God. This is great news. This is the best news!

So why are we keeping it to ourselves?

I don’t know. Sorry, that was a pretty epic build up for no delivery. But, I want to tell you something: come alive. I know what it’s like to feel trapped in a routine, to feel numb, to suddenly feel like your purpose is gone. Well, come alive. Go to Christ and be renewed with the living water friend.

Come alive. Go out and tell people that there is more to life. Because there is more to life 🙂 And His name is Jesus.


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  1. I’ve also been thinking about this for a few weeks now! God has been challenging me to go out and share His love with others, not keep it all to myself. Thanks for the encouragement!!

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