Review: Wild at Heart (Book)

Author: John Eldredge.

First Published: 2001.

Topic: Discovering Masculine Identity in Spirituality

I was first told about this book a good few years ago, probably when I had just become a Christian. I tried to read it but only got a few pages in when something distracted me and I left it on the bookshelf for a long time. Recently I got the chance to read it fully and intentionally and just…wow. I honestly cannot recommend a book more than this one (apart from The Good Book obviously). It is written mostly for men but it’s also a good read for women.

The book explores at the beginning the way God designed men and masculinity, with a deep discussion on the masculine part of God’s character. It slowly develops into discovering what went wrong with man in the beginning and how that affects the male population today.¬†The book then goes into the wound that is fatherlessness and the way the Enemy fulfills his role as the Accuser, the Deceiver and the Tempter in this wound.

John Eldredge hits the nail on the head in that section and continues in the latter half of the book when he describes how men are meant to go through their lives, how we should be expressing our masculinity and the way we can represent Christ through that. He writes about the healing we have in Christ and how our continued pursuit of God heals us and strengthens us.

This is honestly one of the best books I’ve ever read. I cannot recommend this more highly. It is well written, addressing hard topics with appropriate language but also with fierceness and authority. The author continually refers back to Scripture throughout, so you know he’s not talking nonsense.

To sum it up, get this book. It will help you to understand God, yourself and your relationship with Him more and more.


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