Flying Solo on Valentine’s Day

Greetings peoples!

Apologies for the late post, been a crazy time lately. More about that in the next post.

Anyway, so… we’ve reached that time of year again. Valentine’s Day. *sigh*. In 2 days, the world will be showered in roses, chocolates, hearts and that awful 50 Shades nonsense (I’d use another word but kids might be present). And there will be a lot of single people  around the world, spending the day miserable.

Okay, actually hang on, if you do have someone to spend Valentine’s Day with, I just want to say that I do love celebrating life and love, especially between two people. It’s a beautiful thing to witness, my friends at college can tell you how I love to pray over their relationships. I hope your relationship works out and that you have a beautiful day together. I really do. Love is a wonderful thing.


I won’t lie to you Internet. I do have a crush. I like her a lot. But I don’t believe that this is the right time of year to initiate any romantic relationships. It sets standards WAAAAAAAAAAAY too high. Trust me, been there, it’s crazy town.

I did however shave with like full on shaving oil, aftershave oil and toner, etc. Man’s gotta hope right? Also there’s a challenge between me and this other member of the SRC (Student Representative Council) to see who can go the longest without shaving. This is gonna be an itchy year…

But back to the point. Yeah, shaved and got a crush. And yet my plans for Valentines Day are literally, to go across the road with my friend to our favourite pub and drink. It can only be a bit though, I’m a poor student. We’re literally going to take ourselves out of the options for VD because.. well she just broke up with her boyfriend and I will take any excuse to drink.

I’ve sort of given up feeling miserable around Valentine’s Day. I know it can be lonely being single (oh goodness how I know that loneliness) on this day. To see your friends and family celebrating life and love while you sit and read internet posts about misery and loneliness on VD can be pretty disheartening. But I want to say something to you.

Christ has not forgotten you.

God does want us to be happy. He built us to have relationships. Not just romantic ones, but we have been built to have those. They are important. However, the most important relationship is the one we have with God.

Let me share something that might help explain this:

Last year I went on a camp. Met someone at camp. Afterwards we proceeded to talk (a lot) and eventually at the beginning of December, we admitted out feelings and started pursuing a relationship with each other. I basically forgot all about my Bible-reading during that time and I had essentially lost track of God. 2 days after Christmas, I got the “We need to talk” message. And you know what happened afterwards? I had to fight through depression and anxiety and a lot of negative self-thought. You know how? I can remember it clearly. One night when my brother and sister had gone to bed, I got up from my computer walked to the center of the lounge, and I said “God. I’m so sorry.” I had abandoned God for a relationship. I felt this massive wound in my soul where I had hurt the Lord by ditching Him. I almost broke down then. The next day, I became hungry again. Hungry for the Lord. I consumed Scripture at an unreal rate and went through this book with a renewed vigor (keep your eyes open for the review). I learned things about God during that time that just blew my mind. He gave me so much peace and joy afterwards.

Does that make it clearer? A relationship can sometimes be a bad thing. Because it can distract you from what matters, which is Christ.

I’m not trying to warn you off of relationships. I’m trying to say that if you are struggling with singleness, maybe you need to refocus your attentions. Keep searching for someone but trust in the Lord. Trust in Him to bring someone when you ready. Because maybe you aren’t. There might be things that you need to resolve from your past. Maybe God knows you wouldn’t come back. Maybe it was the only way you will learn obedience. I don’t know. I know I had to go through that. It forced me to go through things that I wouldn’t otherwise, to grow in ways I wouldn’t normally. It helped me to understand things about God that were hidden to me.

Not saying it’s easy to just do those things. I’m saying it’s worth it though.

If, like me, you are single on Valentine’s Day, remember the Lord. Because He remembers you. And He knows exactly what He’s doing, I promise.

Goodnight and know that I love you. And the Lord loves you ever more so, He gave His Son for you.

God bless 🙂


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