Who Are You?

Hey everybody 🙂

Welcome to February, may th-wait what? How is it February already? It was Christmas like two days ago. Goodness. Time flies.

So I want to write something brief today about identity.

This is a picture of me 3 years ago versus me 3 months ago:


The kid you see on the left was 18 years old when the photo was taken. He was into weed, a borderline-alcoholic, broke, short-tempered, unhappy person.

The guy you see on the right is 21 years old, clean, (still broke), happy. You want to know what happened?


When I was saved, my whole life was changed. My heart was changed. I found purpose, love, mercy. I found a reason for being. I found joy. All in Christ.

I can tell you before I was saved, I was deeply unhappy. Nothing truly satisfied me. Kept looking for the next hit or high, the next drink, the next round of unhappy sex with my girlfriend. Nothing fulfilled me. But those things kept me occupied. I didn’t have to realise that it’s all meaningless if I didn’t think about it.

I was saved by the grace of God about 3/4 months after that picture on the left was taken.

Like I was saying, everything changed.

My identity was changed. Because that’s what Jesus does. You are no longer lost to the darkness, to sin, to death because you are now His. You belong to God. All your pain, your anger, your heartbreak, your sorrow, your search for identity and purpose, its all fulfilled, its all brought  to Christ.

When someone asks you who you are, you can say to them “A child of God”.

In God, you will find a loving Father, a Father who cares for you and loves you far beyond what your earthly father ever could. In His church, you will find a place you belong with your brothers and sisters. In His Son, you will find the love you’ve been longing for, the mercy you’ve been desperate for, the compassion you’ve been waiting for.

Because that’s who He is.

Have a good weekend and God bless 🙂


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