Discussing Homosexuality in a Christian Worldview

Hey everyone.

I hope you are all well and enjoying yourselves. Today’s topic is something I had sort of hoped to avoid for a while but it’s also something very important (and unavoidable in today’s society).

Recently, a South African minor celebrity Somizi Mhlongo, took to Instagram to vent his anger at a sermon he found homophobic delivered by a guest preacher at his church. I’ll include the link below the article. Somizi is open about his sexuality and in the video, you can feel his hurt coming across clearly. This is written as a response and as some clarification as to what I believe Scripture says and what I believe about this entire topic.

I’m going to deal with this in three different parts, just to make my own thought process easier, to differentiate between the points and also to make it easier to read.

Homosexual Orientation vs Homosexual Practice:

Okay. So. What is the difference between orientation and practice? The way I see things is that most people cannot help their sexual inclinitations (at least not without pleading prayer to God). Apparently some people are lot more fluid with their sexual orientation, not sure what that’s called though. Anyway, to get back to it, I don’t really think people can help what they are attracted to. This is orientation. You are more inclined one way or another. Or perhaps many ways if that’s who you are. It’s part of a person’s identity. I can’t help being heterosexual any more than some people can help being homosexual. That’s orientation.

But practicing something is different. When you perform an action like sex, you have intent, there is a conscious decision that is being made in that moment. There is clear evidence that when it comes to sex, certain sexual acts are against the nature of God; pre-marital sex, homosexual sex, bestiality, rape, extra-marital sex, sex with multiple partners and sex with children. Because that’s what we call Statutory rape. I’m not sure if I left anything out. But basically, God made sex for a married man and woman, not just as a time of pleasure, but also intimacy and to be fruitful and produce more humans. But you see, the sin is not in identity or inclination but in the practice. In the act. And speaking of sin…

The Greatest Commandment and Sin:

When Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment was, He replied by saying “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind” (Matt 22:37-38). Now, let me tell you a little something. That commandment up there? None of us, not a single one of us, has ever fulfilled that commandment for even a microsecond. I’m sorry to those of you who think you love God with everything, because you don’t, not really. But that’s why we have Jesus. Because we believe that He died for our sins and we can now have a relationship with God.

Now, why do I highlight this? Because I want you to see this topic through my eyes. Homosexuality is not the greatest sin. Not loving God with everything you are is though. I’d go so far as to say that everything against the nature of God is sin, and that all of it is abhorrent in the eyes of God. All of it. They are all equally bad. There is no sin greater than the other. If there was, it would be not loving God. So I take deep issue with people elevating certain sins and saying that they are especially bad, like, no. Just, no. That’s not how it works.

Basically, the way I see this, is that there is no sin that we should be taking exceptional care to highlight. Sin is sin. What is against God is against God. But it is NOT someone’s identity.

Once someone has realised that their soul is in peril, that they do have true moral guilt before God and accept that Jesus was The Son, The Word Made Flesh, and that He died for our sins against God, they enter into the most powerful, meaningful and wonderful relationship that they could ever have. And their soul is made right with God. They will be changed truly.

The Efficiency of Condemnation-Talk:

What do I mean by condemnation-talk? When a pastor draws attention to the sinfulness of a particular action and states that those who practice it (in this case, homosexual people having sex with people of their own gender) are doomed to hell and never once mentions the grace of God. Telling someone that there is no hope for them and that they are condemned for eternity is just… I could use many words right there, a lot of which are rude, so I’m going to say, its just unhelpful.

You would be telling them that a lie, first off. There is hope. That hope is Jesus, the same God-man who you profess to believe in and love. Jesus forgives and heals all people. Without Jesus, there is no hope for any of us. For. Anyone. I get really worked up about this, when people are simply told they are condemned for something and its left at that (but that’s a post for another day).

How many people do you know that have been saved because they were told they are going to Hell because they are sinners and that’s it? I don’t know anyone. I seriously cannot think of anyone that came to God because they were scared into it.

People should be told that obviously, it’s true that we are under God’s judgement BUT we need to tell them the second part of the story; the part that says we are saved by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We have hope in Jesus.

Just preaching condemnation is no good. It’s actually bad. Because that’s only a small part of the Gospel.


I believe that Jesus Christ of Nazareth died on a cross for the sins of all humanity and that people who are homosexual are struggling. Struggling with sin just like every one of us. None of us is above sin, above temptation, above moral evil. But there is grace through Christ.

Have a good weekend everyone and God bless.

The link is here.



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