A Prayer That Saved Me From My Temptation

Hey everyone!

How are you? And you, doing well? Great stuff man 🙂

I hope you are all well and having a good time. I was having a good day until I checked my weight and saw just how much holiday weight I’ve picked up.

Anyway, I want to keep this post short so let’s get into it *rubs hands*

So, it was Friday night and I was out for a couple drinks with some friends. Nothing unusual or bad, I had what I normally allow myself and stopped, we had some food an all round good time. As we were driving away, we saw that our usual metal club was having some bands perform that night and it was free entry, so we briefly deliberated; the club was close, it was free entry and it was still early. So we did a quick pitstop at my place for me to grab my hoodie and then we were back.

We were just chilling, sitting around with our beers, waiting for the place to fill up a bit more, when we saw our beers were empty and the dark path started. One round of tequila later and suddenly I found myself losing some restraint.

I also had no cash left but my friend decided to get us all some beers, which was very thoughtful of him. Anyway, so, we’re sitting with another round, the music has started and suddenly my eyes notice things.

I can see that the floor is filled with only women. I’m not exaggerating. Only women were dancing. And those particular women were wearing highly revealing clothes. At this point, I pulled my hoodie hood over my head and tried to stop myself from looking.

I won’t lie Internet, I was tempted. So very tempted. I’m normally not attracted to people in that setting, I don’t normally do things like one night stands or club hookups or whatever the kids today are calling them. I thought I could resist, seemed easy enough, just don’t look at them and keep sipping your beer, nothing could go wrong. But then I felt this voice in my head. And it kept saying to me ‘I could give you any of these women that you desire’, ‘You can have your pick of these women, trust me’ and ‘I’m Batman’. What do you mean, it didn’t say that last one? Okay, okay, that last one was me. But you get the idea.

You know that feeling when you just know that something isn’t right? Something is just setting off every sensor in your body, you go on alert mode, and you start looking at every shadow twice? No I’m not paranoid.

Anyway, in that moment, I remembered something; prayer. Lately, I’ve had a bit of a rough time trusting the Lord but in that moment, I was desperate. I pulled my hood over again and turned slightly from my friends so they couldn’t see my face and was praying. “Lord, deliver me from this place. Save me from this temptation. This is wrong I am in trouble, deep deep trouble Lord. I need you right now.”

It was mere seconds, maybe even less from that, when my friend tapped my shoulder and said to me, “I’m not super into this, when you’re done with your beer we’ll go.” I have never downed a drink like that in my life. As we were leaving, I was just so thankful.

Not just to my friend, but to the Lord. Even though I was struggling to trust Him and I’m still not in a good space with Him, He answered my prayer, immediately I might add.


Anyway, yeah, that’s all for today kiddo’s. Have a good week and weekend, work hard and rest well 🙂

Lots of love and God bless,



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