The Gift


I have written, re-written, edited and re-edited this article so many times. Goodness. I’ve changed my mind so many times on what I’ve wanted to write and tell you but, I’m just going to remove the useless and unnecessary stuff, and tell you one thing.

We have been given the greatest gift by the greatest being in all of history:grace. God has given us grace through His Son and that’s why we celebrate Christmas. Because it is a gift, a very powerful and world-changing gift.

I pray that all of you reading this have a wonderful Christmas, filled with joy and love, in remembrance of why we celebrate this occasion. That all of you will go into the New Year with hope, peace and the Spirit inside of you. I pray that you enjoy these next few days to the fullest. Those of you going on holiday somewhere else, I pray that you have safe travels, that your journey is protected by Christ and that you experience His wonder while you are out and about. May your holidays and celebration be not just a time of joy, but also a time of worship to the Lord.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and God bless you.


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