A Strange Day

Internet, it has been a very weird day. Just filled with so many things that shouldn’t be in the same day. Are you ready for it? Hold onto your hats, here we go!

So I woke up today and did my usual morning routine-coffee, open Bible app on pc, open Facebook, start scrolling when I saw something I wasn’t expecting: the death of someone in my grade from school. He was 21 like me. To give you some context, another one of my fellow high school class mates tragically passed away in a car accident a few months ago. Now, I wasn’t close with either of them but the sudden passing of someone who is your age, it really makes you think. I don’t know the details but I know his mother must be taking it very hard, his father passed away a few years ago in just a horrific and senseless moment. Lord have mercy on us.

To be confronted with your own mortality through the death of another is not a fun moment. You ask yourself so many questions. You ask God questions, ones that you aren’t comfortable with. The questions you throw to the back of your mind and forget about if you can. But we have to deal with those questions eventually I guess. It’s a bit weird but if you wouldn’t mind, please pray for the Ahmed family in this tough time. To my fallen Bosch brother, Altius et Latius. Lord have mercy on your soul brother.

So, let’s move on from the morbid and the broody topics. After that, I had some time on my hands. Did my daily readings, had another cup of coffee, showered, bla bla bla. Normal, people stuff.

Then, after being on Facebook for a while (hey, it’s my holiday from college) I saw something beautiful. A friend of mine who graduated the other day just got engaged. Now, some of you might not know this about me, but I love love. Seeing people in love, sharing love with each other, etc. It’s such a joyful experience and when I saw that this friend of mine got engaged I was so happy for him and his now fiancee. What a blessing to see two people come together and share their lives together with the Lord. Amazing. *sniffs* I’m not crying, I just have something in my eye.

It was mere minutes after this that my mind pulled me back to knowing that a friend of mine died. And not in a good place with the Lord. But also, at the real beginning of his life’s journey. He will now never graduate, never get married, never have children, never see twenty-years with a successful business, never watch his kids graduate, never again tell his mother that he loves her, never have another family meal, never tell another joke, never open his eyes again, never drink coffee again.

I was brooding over this in my room, messing around with some folded plastic packets from the shops, the triangle ones (here is the link and yes I know its in french, the audio isn’t important) pretending they were batarangs when I saw myself in the mirror across the room and, on an impulse, decided I would try to hit my face in the mirror with one of my ‘batarangs’. I got full marks. I was so stunned, looked at my hands and thought ‘Wow. I AM Batman‘. I mean, I know I say I’m Batman but doesn’t everyone say that?

So yeah, it was a weird day. There were more things in there, but they are all tied to something a bit more personal. But you know what I can tell you Internet? Your streets are safe at night.



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