A Social Experiment

A friend and I a few days ago went out around the streets in an area close to where I stay, but where the richer people lived. Fancy cars, 4x4s, 3 garages, super modern design, tall walls with electrified fencing, the works. This area was for the upper middle class people (my Marxism is starting to trigger *chuckle*). This friend and I went around asking for donations for a soup kitchen for the poor, whether money or food didn’t matter to us.

To shorten a very long and sad story, we visited ten houses and walked away with

(Drum roll please!)

One can of baked beans.

One can.

This friend and I were devastated. We couldn’t believe that people’s hearts were so hardened and cold. I wanted to cry, it was so sad. To see these people with so much, refuse to give a little for those who had nothing. We didn’t even get a R10 (for those in the USA that’s less than a dollar). And the person who gave the baked beans wasn’t all that happy to part with it. I cannot even begin to describe the sadness in my heart from this. And one of these people claimed to be a Christian! My heart weeps.


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