Psalm #1 by a Child of God

This is a Psalm written by a close friend, I have (indirectly) received his permission to share it. It’s a short Psalm but very powerful and honest. Here is Psalm #1:

I have fallen time and time again

Abusing the Gospel and grace of Your Son

How is it that Your love goes so deep?

It will forever remain the biggest scandal this nation has ever seen.

How can there still be ignorance?

People will walk past a beggar 5 times before thinking of helping.

And still claim to love Jesus!

How infuriated I’ve become with friends claiming to follow you (Christians)

But flinch every time I pursue them.

It stirs up a holy anger within me

Just like it did with brother Paul in Athens.

Lord help me show love to these lukewarm followers.

That they may know I am your disciple.


End Psalm.


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