The Wonder at Sunrise

I love nature. Being surrounded by God’s natural creation and seeing the world He made without man’s interference is always amazing for me. For the past couple weeks, I had been asking God to show me some of His wonder and majesty, I had not been seeing much of it lately (my own fault for being in an absolute daze from college work). Then I went on a college camp this past week to a place right on the mountain by the beach where we could look out over the entire bay.

That evening I asked my one friend who doesn’t sleep well and wakes up constantly to wake me up at 4:30 to prepare for the sunrise. I wanted to see the sun come up over the bay, maybe take a photo or two. And then along came 4:45 (it took a while to wake me up, I’m a very heavy sleeper), and I  was on a mission. Rushing through the shower, I grabbed my hoodie, Bible and a coffee and went down the hill a ways to prepare for the sunrise. I prayed and waited to see what would happen.

First I saw some bright pink strips over the bay and the clouds on the other side were starting to get a light pink hue. Then came some bright orange tendrils before it exploded out over the bay and it looked simply amazing (image above). Vibrant. Radiant. Stunning. It felt like God was saying to me, in that moment, “I am alive and I am here”. It was amazing to see but the best was yet to come. I quickly ran inside to refill my coffee at the speed of lightning so I wouldn’t miss a second of the beautiful sunrise that was unfolding before me. But as I ran back to where I had left my Bible and phone, I was greeted by a sight I hope never to forget.

The sky and the clouds were now a glorious, golden colour. Right around the bay to the hill where the camp was, everything was this absolutely amazing, majestic, wonderous combination of gold, yellow and light orange.. I remember thinking “This is God’s majesty and wonder on display”. I distinctly remember myself thinking “There’s no point taking a photo, it can’t capture this glory”. I was filled with awe at God in that moment, my prayer had been answered in the most spectacular fashion.

What I took out of this, and I hope you do too, is that God listens to and answers our prayers, and that He is so glorious, majestic and powerful beyond compare. No photo, no word, no mind can conceive of His wonder. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.

Go with Grace and Peace.


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